Summit Pain Alliance Enrolling in a New Clinical Study

Summit Pain Alliance announces participation in a new study and is currently enrolling patients with low back pain for testing Thimble Bioelectronics.

The study’s name is ENSO pain study. We are testing a new device called ENSO, a wearable neuromodulation device. This non- invasive neuromodulation technology delivers electrical pulses which relax muscles and reduce pain with a unique mechanism of action compared to existing forms of neuromodulation. It is controlled through an App downloaded to the patient’s smart phone.


Our goal is to enroll at least 20 patients. The study last 4 weeks and patients must come in to the clinic once a week. They must use the device at least for 1 hour every day. At the end of the study, if they comply with all study activities, they will be able to keep the device and receive $100.

Q: What type of insurance can be consider?
A: The study doesn’t go through the patient’s insurance, is free of cost. All insurances are welcome including workers comp.

Q: Can patients still get injections or other procedures?
A: Patients should not get any type of intervention while in the study. It will only last 4 weeks and they can continue receiving interventional treatment
after they complete the study as needed. I

In today’s ongoing opioid epidemic, Enso makes it possible for patients with debilitating pain to feel a sense of confidence and control about their ability to manage their pain.

Enso is compact, portable and designed for patients to wear unobtrusively during exercise or daily activities. Enso is revealing a wearable that promises to eliminate pain—both physical and metaphorical—for people who respond to TENS, a technology that uses electrical stimulation to stop pain at its
source. Download full announcement …

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